Spring Garden, FL – A Perfect Escape From Stress


Spring Garden, Florida maybe just an hour away on the I-75 interstate but Spring Garden itself offers much more than just lodging for vacationers. Many people rent a Spring Garden, Florida villa, or hotel to enjoy the sights and sounds of what makes Spring Garden, Florida so special. Visiting Spring Garden is like taking a trip back in time. People will take their children, or just about anyone else in the family, to explore the lovely grounds, shop at the small shops, take part in the local festivals, and marvel at the beautiful gardens. Spring Garden’s history dates back to the American Revolution when it was used as a place to bury dead soldiers. In keeping with the military service, today Spring Garden is a National Historic Landmark. Learn more facts here.


Spring Garden, Florida has just gained approval from the city of Miami to become a destination community. The owners plan to offer an updated community that offers everything they are looking for in a Florida community. It will have beautiful single-family homes, duplexes, condos, beach-front condos, apartments, and a hotel. The goal of the Spring Garden community is to bring together people who enjoy living in harmony with the natural landscape of the area. This new development will feature amenities such as tennis courts, ballparks, pools, fire rings, hiking trails, hiking paths, bicycling trails, horseback riding, kayaking, snorkeling, and game rooms. The Destin/Spring Garden communities will also have bike trails and walking paths to complement the tennis and golf facilities. Read about Southwest Coconut Grove, Florida –  A Unique Fusion of Cultures here. 

This place has so much to offer: Beautiful landscaping, museums, outdoor activities, festivals, and great nightlife. Spring Garden is definitely one of Florida’s best-kept secrets, and that’s its greatest secret. Spring Garden has such a diverse landscape, it is hard to narrow it down to one destination. You will find the charming historic district on one end, with tons of beach access and restaurants on the other end. You will also find Spring Garden’s restaurants dotting the quiet neighborhoods, making Spring Garden, Florida a place to enjoy the quiet and enjoyment of nature.