Sunrise, Florida – What You Should Know About Your Next Vacation


Sunrise, Florida is a destination in central-west Broward County, Florida, in south Florida. It was incorporated in 1961 by Norman Johnson – a real estate developer whose popular Upside-down House attracted buyers from all over the country who were looking for a bargain at the time for residential real estate. Today, as a second home, the location is popular for vacation homeownership, with many celebrities frequenting the area. In its beginnings, the community was largely focused on residential dwellings and today, it is more diverse, with tourists and even visitors from out of state making up a large percentage of the population. More about Coral Springs, FL can be seen here.


The Sunrise, Florida area comprises cities such as Salomon Beach, Crystal Cove, Boca Raton, and even Oviedo. Salomon Beach is often considered the “Beach City” of Florida because it has the largest proportion of homes within the Sunrise, Florida area than anywhere else in Florida. Among these homes are beachfront properties that are ideal for families and even retirees, as well as luxury condos, townhomes, and even small single-family residences that are perfect for vacations or extended stays in Florida. Boca Raton, Crystal Cove, and Boca Raton North have all been previously established communities prior to the current wave of development occurring in Sunrise, Florida, and all of these destinations provide all of the basic necessities of a healthy lifestyle, with salmon beaches and other forms of recreation, fitness centers, spas, art galleries, art shops, shopping, and dining. Information about Explore The Charm of Sandalfoot Cove, Florida can be found here. 

Among the larger cities of Sunrise, Florida in Oviedo, which is only a few miles to the south. Many people in the Sunrise, Florida area choose to live in Oviedo because of the multitude of options available there. There are several popular lakes located around Oviedo including Lake Oviedo, Lake Wolf, Lake Deasy, Lake Monroe, and Lake Desantis. All of these lakes offer a wide variety of fishing opportunities, which makes Oviedo a popular choice among people who fish or simply enjoy swimming and relaxing in the water. Also, in this same region of Sunrise, Florida is the town of Salomon Beach. Located on an island within the Sunrise, Florida area, Salomon Beach has become well-known among local residents and tourists as a top-notch beach community where they can relax, have fun, and play while being far from the madding crowds of larger cities.