Sunset, Florida – A Sightseeing Paradise


The Sunset, Florida is one of the best known and most photographed tourist attractions of the Tampa Bay area. This area of Florida is a historic tourist destination with many interesting landmarks, great beaches, and lots of things to do. The Sunset, Florida is a small tourist town on the Gulf Coast of Florida and it’s located just off the I-4 highway near Port Charlotte. Clicking here will deliver more on Doral, FL.


The Sunset, Florida is a beautiful little sightseeing paradise for anyone who is driving down the beautiful Gulf of Mexico coast or Highway 192. It is home to the world-famous Sunset Beach which is one of the finest beaches in Florida, and the Topsail Island Beaches is some of the best in the country. All the main attractions such as the Clearwater Beach Park, Gulfport City Marina, The Sunset Club, The Van Allen Planetarium, The Florida Blue Marlin Park, The Van Allen Museum of Natural History, The Florida Zoo, The Daytona Beach Golf, and Country Club and the Topsail Beach Camp Resort make this a popular tourist destination. It is also known for being a hot spot for tourism and many people go to Sunset, Florida each year. Information about Spring Garden, FL – A Perfect Escape From Stress can be found here. 

There are several other major attractions found in Sunset, Florida, but the most popular is the Clearwater Beach Park which has a lot of public access and is the largest public park in the Tampa Bay area. Other great things to do at the Sunset, Florida include the Gulf of Mexico offshore cruise, sunset beach party, sunset festival, and free nightlife on the Sunset strip. The Gulf of Mexico offshore cruise is the most popular thing to do in the Tampa Bay area during summertime, which of course also includes festivals, parties, and celebrity-studded shows. You will find lots of great restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to drink and eat along the Sunset strip. The nightlife in the Sunset, Florida is very entertaining and very popular especially with the teens and younger folks.