The Miami County Community of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida


Located on the eastern side of Florida’s Biscayne Bay, Lauderdale Lakes has a high concentration of luxury real estate, with many homes and condominiums built on prime, private property. This area of the state is known for its luxury homes and large community of well-heeled families and individuals. Many residents are self-employed professionals or retirees. There are many upscale schools, including the prestigious University of Miami, which is just a short drive from many Lauderdale Lakes condos. The average ratio of residents to registered sex offenders in Lauderdale lakes is 1,135 to one. The average ratio of registered sex criminals to all residents in the city is significantly lower than the national average. Learn information about Coral Springs, FL here.

The demographics of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida reflect a highly diverse population. It has a higher number of people of Hispanic origin than any other city in Florida. A high percentage of residents come from Caribbean and Latin American countries. The majority of residents also are from Asia. There are many residents who are of German descent. Some people who live in Lauderdale Lakes have European ancestry. The median income for residents is well above the national average, and most residents have a college degree or higher. Click here to read about Living in a Great City Lake Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.



There are also large numbers of people of African descent living in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. They are well represented in the business community. Residents who are not of a certain ethnic group are more likely to have jobs than residents who belong to the right ethnic groups. A high proportion of Lauderdale Lakes residents are members of the military, and there are many branches of the military that are located nearby. There are several high-tech industries that are located near the cities of Sunrise, Brevard and Daytona Beach. This area is home to many doctors and dentists, and many of the hospitals, clinics that provide healthcare to the residents of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida are located within walking distance of the area’s condo communities.

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