The Natural Beauty of Parkland, Florida


Introduction to Parkland, Florida; the small town next to Miami. It is the seat of authority for the City of Parkland, Florida, and was incorporated in December 1924 as a town. It is Florida’s third-largest city and the second oldest. The area around the city is considered to be part of Florida, but technically it is not. Florida’s Capital city, Tallahassee is also in Parkland. See further information here. 


Introduction to Parkland, Florida; the small town that draws people from all over Florida to its beautiful beaches, parks, and natural areas for live entertainment. It has lots of places to live, work, play, and enjoy the beach. There is the largest artificial turquoise lake in south Florida and the largest all-natural turquoise canyon in south Florida as well as the second-largest, and one of the most beautiful in Florida. The Parkland area has a large population of retirees, especially in the area of Himalaya, where they enjoy living in the quiet beauty of the parkland houses and can take care of their retirements. Learn more about Parkland, FL – Perfect Location For Your Next Home.

Florida has many natural areas for the enjoyment of the tourist as well as for the dwellers who make a living out of wildlife. The Parkland area has many exotic plants and animals, most of which do not live in the state. There is the largest butterfly world in south Florida as well as the only coral springs in Florida, the Hualalai O’ahu, which is well protected and has not been harmed by humans. Other exotic plants include the Orchidaceae family, the Pennyroyal family, the Acacia family, and the Pterocarpus santalinus, and other kinds of cacti. Florida is home to over ten thousand species of birds including large migratory birds like the Gulf States Travelers’ Group and the black-necked stork. Florida is so diverse that it can be called the Florida State Parks of Natural Beauty.

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