The Stunning Coral Way, Florida – A Brief Look


Coral Way, Florida, is a very popular street in southern Florida. It runs between milepost marker 6 on I-Drive in Coral Gables to southbound I-Cover in Coral Gables. The road is known for its high-volume commercial traffic. Coral Way is very short, only three miles, but has a very distinct lack of fast (or fast-like) traffic. Rather it is lined with low-rise buildings, and there are not any shops in Coral Way. Visit this link for more information.


Coral Way, Florida, was named after the Coral Way Marine Life Center, which used to have a very large aquarium. It closed in 1980, so the center now serves other purposes. Coral Way is a public road, and although it’s not especially busy, it does have some businesses. There is no public parking on the road, so you’ll need a safe Coral Way, Florida parking permit to park your car legally. Even if you pay the fee, however, the road is not patrolled by Miami Dade County police, and there’s no chance of you getting in trouble with the law while you’re there. Located directly on the ocean, Coral Way has all the amenities you’d expect from an oceanfront community: tennis courts, swimming pools, great restaurants, and, of course, the beach.  Read about Why You Should Have a Vacation in Coral Terrace, Florida here. 

Coral Way, Florida, has one of the longest stretches of uninterrupted beach along the entire Gulf of Mexico. It has also been one of the most frequently surfed beaches in Florida since it was created. In fact, the low-population area makes Coral Way ideal for quiet days at the beach. Coral Way, Florida, is conveniently located between the popular destinations of Biscayne Bay and South Beach, making it accessible to residents of those cities and also those who are interested in escaping the crowds. In addition to its exquisite ocean views, the community offers a wide variety of amenities and services, including a fully furnished, gated community of exclusive condominiums and villas, as well as public parks, golf courses, tennis courts, spas, and numerous other attractions. Residents can take long bike rides, play tennis or swim in the ocean during their free time. Even though it is a luxury residence, Coral Way, Florida, offers plenty of things for everyone, whether they wish to dine out or simply lounge in the sun. Residents have access to a private beach, fitness center, swimming pool, and beautiful gardens.