The Unique Community of Pinecrest, Florida


Pinecrest, FL is one of six communities in Florida’s sunshine state. It is one of Pinecrest’s many subdivisions and is located south of the Indian River Lagoon. Pinecrest, FL is a quiet residential neighborhood situated to the south of Pinecrest Village in south Florida. Pinecrest’s residents are predominately middle class. The average home price is approximately forty thousand dollars. Pinecrest’s Square mile area has a lot of commercial development and is considered to be one of the best potential residential neighborhoods in the Miami-Dade County area. Discover more about Doral, FL here.

Pinecrest’s unique design with its upscale homes and unique shops attracts tourists and buyers from all over the country. Pinecrest’s master-planned community is comprised of over eighty different individual homes. This unique design has brought Pinecrest a steady stream of new customers and has helped to keep Pinecrest’s real estate market quiet during the past few years. As more potential buyers find Pinecrest’s offerings, the possibility for growth in this Miami-Dade County community is very promising. Demand for their sweet taste and firm skin. It was not until the mid-nineteen sixties that Florida enacted what is known as the first urban planning law in the nation. The Pinecrest Nursery was one of the first businesses to benefit from this new law. To encourage this business, the Florida legislature created the City of Pinecrest and gave it tax incentives. Pinecrest became the second community in Florida to have a planned community, and today Pinecrest, FL is ranking among the top cities to live in Florida. Discover facts about The Thriving Palm Springs North, Florida.

In addition to housing Pinecrest’s unique architecture, Pinecrest, FL is home to two public elementary schools-the Miami Dade public elementary schools and the Palm Beach County public elementary school. Pinecrest is also home to the University of Florida, the Florida Institute of Technology, and a women’s college, the College of Education. The city of Pinecrest FL is located near the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and is near multiple other well-known cities such as the Boca Raton International Airport, the southernmost point in Florida, and the University of Miami. Pinecrest is a perfect community for you and your family to call home!

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