Top Attractions in Buena Vista


As a municipality controlled by the Walt Disney Company, the Disney theme parks’ location is connected with Orlando and is in Lake Buena Vista. In Buena Vista, you can find that everything from shopping quality to dining as amusements as the entertainment in Buena Vista doesn’t start or end at Disney’s gates. You can sample both outside and inside Buena Vista’s theme parks with restaurants with delectable cuisine from around the world. Look here for more about  Buena Vista, FL.

Florida Manatee Adventure & Airboat Ride

You can see Florida is all about with a perfect opportunity to escape from the theme parks. The Florida manatee is home to the endangered ‘gentle giant of the sea.’ You will interact with these beautiful creatures if you’re lucky.  Click here to read about Things You Can See and Do in Coral Gables.

Kennedy Space Center with Transportation

At Kennedy Space Center, you will have the opportunity to walk in America’s space pioneers’s footsteps. You can also explore the facility’s incredible history and enjoy professional service with comfortable roundtrip transportation from your Orlando-area hotel. You can also learn about the fantastic careers in space travel. There is also an impressive array of exhibits showcasing NASA’s achievements that you can enjoy. You can even walk under the massive Saturn V that sent astronauts to the moon, developed to support the Apollo program, and the most powerful launch vehicle ever put into operation. You can also feel what an astronaut would experience while riding the storied Space Shuttle through liftoff.

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