Top Attractions in Coconut Creek


Coconut Creek lies along Florida’s Atlantic Coast in Broward County, and it is between Deerfield Beach to the north and Pompano Beach to the south. The city got its name through the combination of Coconut Grove and Indian Creek when it was developed, and it has more than 1,000 businesses with nearly 50,000 residents. Coconut Creek is a short drive of many of the state’s most noted recreational, cultural, historical, attractions and beaches, making it quite easy to find things to do. Look here for more about Pompano Beach, FL.

Oriole Golf Club

Oriole Golf Club is widely known for its moderately and scenic, challenging layout, and it has been driving local and out-of-state golfers since 1971. The golf club is also pretty inexpensive in a world of semi-exclusive and high-priced courses, making it an excellent option if you’re a value-minded individual. Click here to read about Things to Do in Sunrise.

World of Beer

You will know pretty much right away that you are in a place to spend a few relaxing hours with a name like World of Beer. You can enjoy a fantastic variety of beers, live music on the weekends, and some of the best pretzels in the Western Hemisphere at the World of Beer. If you are an all-around pleasure seeker and beer aficionados, you will find the World of Beer a perfect center for you.

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