Types of frameless shower doors


Sliding frameless doors

This type of frameless shower doors is one of the most popular and most preferred. Sliding frameless door is very convenient and easy to handle. Sliding doors are the best when building modern-styled interior bathrooms. They look attractive and are mostly built in several sections. More about Pompano Beach, FL can be seen here.

Bi-fold glass doors

The Bi-fold glass doors are one of the widely used frameless shower doors. A bi-fold glass door is advantageous because it can be opened inward, and this helps to reduce the risks of leakage of water that is common with other shower doors. The Bi-fold frameless door is best suited for bathrooms with limited space, and it does not require a lot of effort to clean and maintain compared to other frameless doors. Information about Which One is Better? Framed or Frameless Shower Doors can be found here.


Swinging frameless bathroom doors

This type of frameless bathroom doors is the best for bathrooms of contemporary designs. Swinging frameless bathroom doors is advantageous as the door opens both outward and inward. However, this type needs a lot of space compared to other frameless shower doors. Swinging frameless doors have magnetic catches that prevent water leakage in the bathroom. This type of bathroom door exists as both double and single swinging doors.

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