Types of Shower Doors


Shower doors have since replaced curtains over the recent years owing to their efficiency. Today the market is saturated with different kinds of shower doors, and you could be spoilt of choices. However, this post aims at enlightening you about what you might find on the market when you go shopping. This will be a tool for you to know and make preferences based on quality and structural advantage. Click here for facts about Pompano Beach, FL.

Frameless Shower Doors

This shower door type is made of a single glass pane and spindles out into the shower place, giving it a modern and clean guise. The advantage of these doors is that they are clean, stylish, and could last you for years if maintained. Click here to read about Frameless Shower Door Issues.

Frameless Enclosures

In case your bathroom is large, then instead of frameless doors, you could go for a frameless shower enclosure. This design brings the same fantastic experience as frameless shower doors and only adds dimension to your bathroom.

Curved Glass Shower Doors

Do you desire a walk-in at your shower area? Everyone would love this shower door design since it opens up the bathroom and makes it feel a bit large. 

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Apart from curved glass shower doors, bi-fold doors also help preserve space in the bathroom with a limited surface area. Additionally, these shower doors are pocket friendly.

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