Understand The Background Of Carol City, Florida Now


Carol City, Florida is a residential neighborhood in the Miami Gardens area of Florida, United States, and is situated in south central Miami-Dade County. The total population of the area at the 2010 Census was 61,323. It was previously a census-designated African American community. As a suburb of the city of Miami it shares some qualities of the larger city, such as its population, but is separated from it by the Coral Gables bridge and a few streets. The neighborhoods that comprise the Carol City area are predominantly single-family residences, although there are some duplexes in the area, which have two or more separate units. Look here for more about Doral, FL.

The Carol City, Florida area is one of the most affluent in the greater Miami-Dade area, with its high housing values and relatively low crime rates. In recent years it has been listed for sale by realtors who are interested in investing in a piece of Miami’s South Florida real estate market. In addition to the neighborhoods that comprise the area, there are also some residential communities that are located close to the Carol City area. These include Brickell, which are the central district of the district; Fontainebleau; Sunny Isles; and Coral Gables. These neighborhoods are all part of the large real estate developments that are in the area. While it may not be the wealthiest community in the entire state of Florida, it is certainly one of the top places to live. Click here to read about Coral Groves, FL-Why Visit This Beautiful Place.



The Carol City area is home to a number of major corporations. The area is considered by many people to be among the best neighborhoods in South Florida. There are many beautiful homes for sale in this area, including houses, condos, townhouses, row houses, and duplexes. These homes can be rented for a variety of purposes. In addition to single family residences, there are also apartments, condominiums, vacation homes, condos, lofts, and villas for rent. There are also some businesses operating in the area, including several banks, car washes, restaurants, a movie theater, and several restaurants.

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