Updating Your Bathroom Shower Door


Why Frameless Shower Doors are Best

Frameless shower doors can be opened in two directions, depending on how they are installed. Framed shower doors can only open in an outward motion. Being able to open the door inward is a nice perk that many people appreciate. Updating your bathroom décor can be as simple as replacing your old framed shower doors. Frameless doors for your shower are the superior option for many reasons. Frameless doors are known for preventing water from leaking out of the shower. Click here for facts about Delray Beach, FL.

Easy to Clean

Frameless shower doors are made of glass, which is easy to keep clean. Framed doors are made of metal, in most cases. Not only can metal warp with age, but it can also be tough to keep clean. It is vital to keep your bathroom sanitized and clean for safety reasons. Glass frameless doors create a modernized ambiance in any type of bathroom. Click here to read about Homemade Bathroom Cleaners.

Multiple Size Options

Framed doors are limited when it comes to shapes and sizes. With frameless doors, you are in control of the final outcome. You don’t have to settle for a size or shape because you will have limitless options available to you. 

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