Visit Little Havana, FL


The historic Cuban community of Little Havana is a little-known fact about this beautiful city in Florida. It was named for the Little Havana neighborhood where Cubans could first immigrate to America. As time passed by, the neighborhoods of Little Havana, FL became more vibrant with people and culture. Many people immigrated from Cuba to the United States and the city soon came into existence. Find further facts here. 


When you arrive in Little Havana, FL, be sure to visit the famous Little Havana Bridge. It is one of the busiest bridges in all of Florida and the longest bridge in the entire state. At the very end of this bridge, you will find a beautiful statue of an armada of sailboats. This is the symbol of peace. It has also become an iconic spot for many Cubans to gather and pray together. Many tourists also visit this bridge to watch the sunset. Read about A Guide to Model City, FL Hotels here.



There are many reasons that you should not miss out on visiting the beautiful streets and homes of Little Havana, FL. You should go to this place at least once to experience the wonderful history and culture. You should also go to this place to get the real flavor of this amazing community.

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