West Miami, Florida: Explore and Discover


West Miami is a city in Florida that offers many opportunities for those who are looking to explore and discover. If you enjoy the outdoors, there are plenty of parks and trails to hike on. You can also take your family out for an afternoon at Sun Splash Family Water Park, or visit one of the nearby museums like The Lowe Art Museum. For those who love shopping, West Miami has it all! From cute boutiques with clothes you won’t find anywhere else to large retail stores like Costco and Target, West Miami is perfect for any type of shopper. There are also many restaurants to choose from – you can find anything from a low-key coffee shop for an afternoon treat to upscale dining and live music. More can be found here.

West Miami is home to all sorts of great attractions! Be sure to explore the city when you’re in town. Read more about A Simple Guide to Miami Springs, Florida.

The best things about West Miami, Florida are the abundance of opportunities to do anything and everything you can think of! Whether it’s a visit to one of our great museums, or spending time with friends at Sun Splash Family Water Park, we’ve got something for everyone. If there is an attraction you’re looking for that doesn’t exist in West Miami yet, don’t worry – just talk with someone from the city council and they’ll work on getting whatever it is built as soon as possible so all residents will be happy.