What Tourists Love about Pompano Beach, FL


What makes Pompano Beach so fun

Pompano Beach is a city with nearly 100,000 residents and is located a short 25 miles from Miami. The city boasts an enormous real estate market, as thousands of Americans own vacation homes there, and travel there for a few weeks every summer. Locals enjoy the nice weather and the expansive beaches, and tourists love the area for the exact same reason. As a tourist, you’ll always be able to find something new and fun to do, including:


  • Bangin Banjo Brewing Company

  • Pompano Marketplace


When deciding where to go on your summer trip, some of the most important factors include the weather and the city’s activities. Pompano Beach’s seemingly endless amount of activities make it popular for tourists, including its proximity to Miami. Staying in Pompano Beach will be cheaper and will give you access to both cities’ great cultures. Discover more about Pompano Beach, FL here.

Bangin Banjo Brewing Company

The Bangin Banjo is a great place to get a drink. They have a large selection of beers from which to choose, so you’re sure to find something new to try here. Even more fun, they allow dogs inside, so you can have a drink without having to leave your dog tied up to a sign on the sidewalk. Discover facts about Reasons to Visit Pompano Beach, FL.