What You Can Do in Kendall Today


While one can say that Kendall is indeed magical, it is well to say that it has the wonder and excitement of New York City and the glamor of Paris. You may want to take a trip to Kendall, the census-designated area, to discover some hidden treasures. Learn more facts here.

Go to a Brewery

There are two breweries in Kendall, and they are Strange Beast and Spanish Marie. Nobody cares if the beer is good. The point is you will enjoy visiting any of these breweries. Learn more about Top Things to Do in Biscayne Bay View.

Stop at Indian Hammocks Park to Play Disc Golf

You may not have a complete life if you don’t know anything about the joy of trying to slam a Frisbee into a metal net. You will find a feral cat and then take it home when you are done.

Dine in the Dark at Chef Adrianne’s

You eat blindfolded at Chef Adrianne, who does these Dark Dining events. What is weird about the whole experience is that you will suspect someone will try to punk you, and you know that the food will be okay. However, you won’t have any such experience anywhere else in Miami.

Feel You’re up North with Ice Skating

You will see two types of people in Kendall Ice Arena: a small crew of professional ice skaters and hockey players who want to skate and Miami folks who will never learn skate but are there for a birthday party.

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