Why Sliding Shower Doors Have Become Common in Miami, FL


Difference Between Swinging Shower Doors and Sliding Shower Doors

As the name suggests, the biggest difference between these two types of shower doors is the way they open and close. For swinging shower doors, the door is hinged vertically to a frame and rotates at an angle when pushed or pulled. Sliding shower doors have no hinges. This type of door is fixed into a seal and slides to the side when pushed to pave the way. Information can be found here.

Advantages of Sliding Shower Doors Over Swinging Doors

Although many Miami swinging shower doors manufacturers are constantly improving the technology used, the popularity of sliding shower doors has grown immensely due to a few advantages that come with it. First, the sliding shower doors do not require extra space when opening or closing; this makes them advantageous in conserving space. Swinging shower doors have many parts such as hinges which are prone to breakages and require regular maintenance. This makes them less preferred since sliding doors have minimal accessories attached to them. See here for information about Quality Shower Door Manufacturers in Miami.

Where to Get Sliding Doors in Miami

Most Miami swinging shower doors manufacturers also provide sliding shower doors. The Original Frameless Shower Doors is a Miami based manufacturer of shower doors. The company also produces custom doors according to clients’ needs. For price estimates and consultation, reach out to the company through 855-976-4719.

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