Why You Should Consider Miami, FL Swinging Shower Doors


Swinging shower doors are glass panels that open by swinging in one direction on pivoting hinges. They are like the typical passage doors in your home. The hinges can be attached to the wall or the glass panel. The Miami swinging shower doors are common on stand-alone showers and require clearance in the bathroom for them to swing. Miami, FL information can be seen at this link.

Find the Best Hinged Doors at The Original Frameless Shower Doors

Our classy Frameless swinging shower doors don’t require the unsightly “U’ channeling. All our doors come in a frameless design, and the proprietary hardware line ensures that every configuration is safe. We test and retest every hinge, handle, and clamp in our top-rated facility. The Safety Glazing Certification Council certifies the glass to the highest safety glass ratings. 

Our Options Include: Click here to read about Benefits of Sliding Tub Doors in Miami, FL.

Single Doors

These are the frameless doors that swing both in and out. They self- center once they pass the half-way point. 

In-Line Door and Panels

These involve several panels that touch in line with the door. We can customize one to meet your style and taste. 

Neo Angle

It’s one of the common Miami swinging shower doors. It has three sides with two angles that are not at 90 degrees. 

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