Why You Should Visit Pompano Beach, FL


One of Florida’s best towns

As one of the top towns for tourism in Florida, tourists seldom run out of fun activities to help keep them busy. The area truly has countless things to do, and even if for some reason you find yourself bored, Miami is just up the road. That shouldn’t be an issue, however, as there is so much to do, including the following:


  • The Sample-McDougald House

  • The Bailey Contemporary Arts Center


Located just 25 miles from Miami with a population of around 100,000, the Pompano Beach area houses tons of vacation homes for Americans, and as a result, boasts one of the most explosive real estate markets in the country. Every year, the city hosts cultural events in order to draw in additional tourists, and the area’s expansive culture and miles of beaches makes it clear to see why so many love Pompano Beach. Click here for facts about Pompano Beach, FL.

The Sample-McDougald House

As one of the main historical locations in the Pompano area, a trip to the Sample-McDougald house is truly going to be a nice detour away from the booming city and the crowded beach. The team members who provide the tour provide you with great stories of the families that lived in the house and provide excellent context to the area’s expansion. Click here to read about Why So Many Love Pompano Beach, FL.