Components of Frameless Shower Doors


Door Hinge 

Like other door hinges, frameless shower door hinges help to hold two sections together. For the case of swinging frameless shower doors, the hinges ensure that the two parts of the door swing relative to one another. More can be found here.

Glass Lamps

Glass clamps help in holding the glass together. Brackets are also required to hold glasses, especially when the enclosures of the shower are constructed in the corner. See here for information about Top Reasons to Install Frameless Shower Doors in your Home.

Pull or Handle

The handle is one of the necessary hardware. One needs a pull or handle for accessing the door of the shower. Handles have different designs. One can choose the handle design according to interest and convenience.

Wipes and Seals 

Wipes and seals help to seal the glass and any other material used for making the shower door. They also stop air and water from moving outside the enclosure of the shower.


Thresholds are used to secure the top and bottom of the shower enclosures to ensure safe usage. Threshold types vary depending on the type of door one has.

Towel Bars and Accessories 

Towel bars and designer accessories add convenience for the daily use of showers. Hand holders and shower trays also improve the quality of the shower rooms.

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