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The Chinese glass industry has exported standard size, square cut thick glass frameless shower doors that are 28” X 72” or 28” X 78” that were NOT certified by The Safety Glazing Certification Council. These would be most of the doors you see that blow up on YouTube! We’re here to tell you that they don’t work because they are mass produced, cut square, and they do not conform to your wall or sill. Why would you buy a square cut standard size Chinese door from a big box store that will leave you with large gaps which will cause leaking, or hinge binding when you can buy a custom American made shower door for the same price or less! Buying from us is like a custom-tailored suit that was hand made just for you!

The myth of u-channel. The birth of a Semi-Frameless enclosure…

Are your frameless shower doors and enclosures really frameless?

Let’s get right to it. Please do not let anyone tell you that you need “U” channel, because you don’t! The whole purpose of a frameless shower enclosure is to NOT to have a frame!

Let us tell you why some or most on-line or retail shower door and glass companies insist you use these “U” channels (frames) around your beautiful, thick glass. They don’t have the skill, patience or confidence to measure and cut the glass out of square to fit your opening, so they hide the imperfections with u-channel.

  • It’s much easier for them to measure & install. Saves time.
  • They do not fabricate and temper the glass and they don’t trust the manufacturer to cut the glass correctly, so they use U-channel to cover the mistakes.
  • It costs them less money

Our entire line of sliding frameless tub and shower doors are made with 3/8” thick glass which ads rigidity and sturdiness to the doors. All of the hangers are drilled threw the glass, not just clamped on. All are custom made/designed by us using our own proprietary line of hardware.

We recommend you squeegee the glass after using the shower. If you don’t, the water spots left on the glass will turn white from the hard-mineral deposits. These hard minerals over time get into the pours of the glass and stain it, giving the glass that cloudy appearance. To prevent this from happening, we recommend our StayCLEAN – water & stain resistant glass. Click here to view.

Nothing opens up a bathroom like a clear glass frameless enclosure, especially if you have a small bathroom. For those of you that want or need privacy, or you happen to have old tile you want to hide, then acid mist or a textured glass such as rain glass would be the way to go.

All frameless shower doors and enclosures are designed to deflect water, not retain it. Simply put, a frameless shower door has no frame. High water pressure, body sprays, incorrect placement of shower heads and improperly pitched curbs or sills, can cause leaking near the door but not near stationary glass panels which are sealed and watertight.

All glass shower doors and enclosures must be tempered by law. Regular raw untempered glass breaks into large, sharp chunks, whereas safety tempered shower glass breaks into very small pieces. All of our tempering is done in our factory. We are SGCC (Safety Glazing Certification Council) certified and regularly send our glass out for testing to ensure you receive the highest quality tempered safety glass obtainable. Always ask who tempers your glass and ask for a photo of their tempering logo that must be applied to each piece of glass by law. Look for the SGCC logo in small writing. This will ensure that you are getting the finest tempered glass available. Note: Once the glass goes through the tempered process, absolutely no fabrication can be done to the glass. Any drilling or cutting will result in the glass shattering.

Our raw glass comes in large sheets that are cut by computer to your exact specifications. This computer also marks where any holes will be drilled for hinges, handles, clips, etc. After the cutting process, the glass is then high polished by our computerized polishing machine and the edge is mitered if need be. Your glass is then drilled on our dual sided diamond hydraulic drill press and custom notches are made by hand. All edges are polished smooth. From there, the glass goes through our high-powered washing machine that washes the glass with warm water and then dries it with a blower. From here the glass is inspected and then goes through our tempering oven. Your glass then gets stamped with our tempered logo. The final inspection is done and if approved, your glass is ready for crating or installation.

Everything! We invite you to view our before and after photo’s. Thirty years ago, we had nothing but framed shower doors and enclosures. They’re ugly and very difficult to keep clean because of all the metal framing that traps soap scum and hard mineral deposits. Now, with the help of our founder, all that ugly aluminum metal framing is a thing of the past. Our frameless designs are clean, safe, more hygienic, simple and elegant, allowing a more open feel to the room as well as a more pleasurable showering experience. The result is nothing short of a thing of beauty, custom made by real artisans. All factory direct to you, the end user, at wholesale prices. Why would anyone want a framed or semi-frameless enclosure!

It’s time to go frameless®!

The thinnest glass we use for all of our frameless shower doors and enclosures is 3/8” thick. Some of our textured glass we offer only comes 3/8” thick. We also use ½” thick glass. We sometimes recommend this heavier ½” glass on larger enclosures or for certain configurations for the mere reasons of rigidity and safety.

Basically, there are two styles to choose from. Square edge or rounded edge hardware. We typically will try and match our shower door hardware with the existing plumbing fixtures in your bathroom. Square tends to flow better with a more contemporary flair which as the rounded has a softer feel to it. Either way, they’re both beautiful! We also have a wide array of gorgeous handles to choose from in many different styles and sizes.

The answer to this question is easy. We invented the first frameless shower enclosure! Who better to purchase from than us? The innovators! We’ve designed, shipped and installed over 100,000 custom enclosures over the years to homeowners and contractors throughout US and Caribbean Islands. We are the first and only custom frameless shower door company that has the experience, facility and technicians that can bring you a totally custom frameless shower enclosure at factory direct prices. We will help you from design to install, ensuring you an experience you will not find anywhere else. Oh! Did we mention we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our hardware as well as our patented StayCLEAN® water & stain resistant glass? Our enclosures last a lifetime!

Yes, all pricing includes standard hardware needed for installation. We do offer additional hardware such as towel bars, robe hooks, custom handles and knobs in many different sizes and finishes.

The widest swing door is 40” inches. Anything wider than 28” will require heavy duty hinges and will have additional costs. For our sliding enclosures, there is a wide range of door sizes depending on the type of enclosure you choose. Our experienced technicians will explain the different styles and sizes with you.

For all residential deliveries the carrier will contact you to set up an appointment. You must confirm the delivery date and time with the carrier. The carrier requires all shipments to have a signature at time of delivery.

If you would like to order multiple enclosures, we will combine shipping and crating costs. We will only combine costs if all units are purchased and shipped at the same time. Please contact our shipping office for additional information on combining shipments.

Please make note of any damage to the boxed item upon delivery. This is very important. If refusing delivery due to visible damage, please note “refused due to visible damage” on the receipt presented. The Original Frameless Shower Doors will replace any or all hardware as well as any glass damaged at no cost to purchaser, only by providing proof of damage in the box in which it was sent in. (photos required). All photos of damaged goods must be emailed directly to [email protected] within 24 hours of delivery. Please see our shipping policy under terms and conditions on our website for more information.