Considerations to Make When Choosing Miami, FL Sliding Tub Doors


If you are thinking of forgoing the outdated shower curtains and liner sets, then you can modernize your bathroom with the Miami sliding tub doors. The sliding doors consist of a parallel track and sliding glass panel. The Original Frameless Shower Doors has outlined a buying guide on tub sliding doors. Clicking here will deliver more on Miami, FL.

Glass Thickness

It’s important that you choose a glass of above ½ inch thickness. The sliding doors lack the support of frames, and that’s why they should be thicker. They are robust and resistant to breakage. Information about Factors That Can Affect Your Choice of Tub Doors in Miami, FL can be found here. 

Tempered Vs. Laminated Glass

Most manufacturers use tempered glass material for the sliding tub doors. They’re durable and ideal for safety reasons. Laminated glass is made of plastic layers that are encased by two glass layers. 

Clear Vs. Patterned 

Most sliding tub doors have clear glass for an airy and inviting look. It can show off the intricate tile work around your bathroom area. If you prefer privacy, then the frosted, patterned, or textured glass will be ideal for you. 

Glass Coatings

If you’d prefer low-maintenance Miami sliding tub doors, compare the glass coatings. You can choose the doors that are treated with the water-resistant coatings to keep the unappealing buildup at bay. 

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