Frameless Shower Door Companies in Miami, FL: The Difference Between Framed Glass Shower and Frameless Glass Shower.


Frameless shower doors are quickly becoming the standard in Miami, FL, and around the world. Framed glass showers were once used everywhere because they offered more privacy and security; however, this is no longer true. Frameless glass showers make it possible to see through them thanks to new technology like thermal pane glass (this means you can adjust your tint on your door if need be). Miami, FL information can be seen at this link.

Framed glass showers have been used for years now, with most people opting for frameless shower doors these days. The main reason that framed glasses exist is safety concerns with using a frameless option, as there was nothing stopping someone from shattering their way into an otherwise secure bathroom. Frameless Glass Showers offers much better views, a sleeker look and is more popular with people looking for an updated bathroom. Frameless shower doors can be made of different materials, but glass is the most common. Framed showers use less expensive materials like plastic or metal, which can add weight to your door. Information about Frameless Shower Door Companies in Miami, FL: Frameless Glass Shower Doors Are Worth Investment can be found here.

The main difference between framed and frameless glass showers is that framed ones have a frame while frameless ones don’t. The frame on a framed shower surrounds all four edges of the tempered safety glass panel, whereas frameless just has two slim pieces of metal holding the glass in place along the top and bottom.

There isn’t much difference between these two types of showers other than the frame when it comes down to it. Framed glass showers are a bit more expensive and can be harder to install, but they do have their benefits. Frameless glass shower doors can also be installed relatively easily, look great, and save you some money in the long run. Both framed and frameless glass showers will give your bathroom an updated look no matter which one you choose.