Frameless Shower Door Companies in Miami, FL: What are the Different Styles of Frameless Shower doors?


There are three different styles of frameless shower enclosures available today:  

First – European-style frameless shower doors are also referred to as “concealed pivot” or “chamfered top.” This type of door pivots on a concealed hinge at the top and has no visible hardware, so it looks like one continuous piece of glass when opened. The frame is attached directly to your wall instead of surrounding the glass with metal brackets that hold up each end. European-style doors are more expensive than other types because they are custom-made. Still, you can achieve an even cleaner look without obstructions by using them compared to framed models available today. Learn information about Miami, FL.

Second – American-styled frameless shower enclosures have their opening mechanism located in the center of the door. This type of enclosure typically has a “floating” or “offset pivot” design and does not attach to your wall. Instead, it hangs from brackets attached directly to either side of your glass. Frameless doors with this style of opening mechanism look very lovely. Still, they also have more visible hardware than other styles available today, which is why you will often find them in hotels where there are high-end installations that need something extra special for guests’ bathrooms. Discover facts about Frameless shower door companies in Miami, FL: The Pros, Cons.

Third – Tempered Glass Frameless Shower Door Systems provide an even cleaner appearance when used due to no frame around the edge at all. However, these systems add another layer of cost onto the price tag because they use tempered safety glass instead of regular plain clear float glass like most frameless shower door companies in Miami, FL, use. If tempered glass is broken, it will shatter into tiny pieces instead of large dangerous shards like regular float glass would.

All three styles are available with many different hardware finishes so you can find the perfect look to match your bathroom décor. Frameless shower door

companies in Miami, FL, offer a wide variety of choices for each style so you can get the perfect one for your needs without having to compromise on anything!