Frameless Shower Doors Maintenance 


Due to the expensive nature of frameless shower doors, it is essential to ensure that they last long while serving the intended purpose. Achieving your shower door glass clarity will call for specific measures such as buying cleaning solutions, e.g., a squeegee and microfiber towels. The most important thing to consider is that the glass panels need to be dry all the time and for this to happen, ensure they are cleaned immediately after exposure to water. More facts can be seen here.

The First 72 Hours after Fixing is Vital

After having your shower door in place, it is essential to handle it with care in the first 72 hours since, at this time, the panes could quickly get out of alignment. Therefore, consider not using the shower area where the door has been installed to avoid the risk of permanent misalignment. Learn more about the Importance of Hiring a Shower Door Installation Expert.

Properly Close and Open the Shower Door

It is essential to consider that the hinges of some shower doors are made of springs, and it would be inappropriate to slam the door while it shuts. Banging the shower doors will result in the seals on the door’s edges to tear off, and the door could also get stuck past the enclosure. Correcting these faults is expensive, considering the need to hire professional technicians to do the fix.

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