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How Much Do Frameless Shower Doors Cost

Frameless Shower Doors are a Great Way To Increase the Space in your Bathroom

– frameless shower doors cost are based on your finish, your width, and many other factors.

The frameless shower door fittings are constructed from zinc and chrome layered fused metal sheets which make the frameless shower doors heavier than conventional framed doors.

– You can estimate the weight of your frameless shower door by simply multiplying its length with breadth.

When estimating, also remember that the rectangular glass used for frameless showers will add up to 150 pounds in total making it slightly heavy.

sliding shower doorA frameless shower door can be installed on most standard tubs or showers without any real difficulty except cutting some holes to allow passage of screws into wall studs or tiling material. Make sure to check out our sliding shower doors for tubs.

They Also Make it Easier to Clean and Maintain your Shower Area

The frameless shower doors are frameless and thus, they will not have hardware or hinges that may get in the way of cleaning the shower area. They also allow you to clean behind them easily as it just tiles on both sides of the wall, there are no additional materials like wood or metal cluttering your bathroom when using frameless glass. This means that you will not get mold as easily as you do with a framed shower door. Frameless is much better and collects fewer bacteria.


You can get frameless glass shower doors that are custom-made for any size of the opening for an extra cost from us here at

As frameless doors are made of glass, they are very light in weight and easy to install. They can be installed in the existing frameless shower wall system or frameless glass enclosures that are available as a complete kit.

Due to making them from tempered glass, they offer much more safety than solid framed shower doors as they are shatterproof and have a high impact resistance. This makes frameless glass shower doors very safe for all the family to use, especially children as there is no way that they can get hurt by them.


 Do not buy cheap plastic frameless shower doors

90 degree frameless shower door

Only buy our high-end glass frameless shower doors. Cheap frameless shower doors will look bad and not last long. Quality shower doors should include things like a solid frameless shower door track, strong frameless shower glass panels, and a frameless shower door that is easy to clean. We have the best frameless shower doors on the market today.

These are our frameless glass enclosures with multiple water-resistant seals. They also come with almost no visible hardware so they look great in your bathroom just as frameless glass mirrors do. All of these features make these Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures one of only a few real value products on the market today that will give you more than what you paid for!


When deciding which type of door to buy, consider how much space you have available and how much money you’re willing to spend

90 Degree

A frameless shower door is the ultimate in bathroom luxury, and it will make your bath seem much larger than with any other type. Any of our frameless glass enclosures will amaze you and turn your bathroom into a paradise.

Market research shows that there’s no better-looking frameless glass shower door than ours for you to choose from today when compared to these cheap frameless shower door providers. With our frameless showers, you get to enjoy multiple water-resistant seals so MOLD AND DUST DON’T GROW IN THEM like they do in other models! You’ll also be able to see through these Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures more clearly, because of our real glass.

For more info please contact us today so we can get you a customized shower door!

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