Questions To Asked Before Installing Frameless Glass Shower Doors


Do you need Frameless Glass Shower Doors? Frameless glass shower doors are a great way to update your bathroom. They can make your bathroom more modern, and they allow light to enter the room, which makes it feel larger. Frameless glass shower doors also provide an easy-to-clean solution for allergies and dust sensitivities because they do not collect as much dirt and debris as framed glass does. Framless Glass Shower Door Installation is a relatively simple process that takes about an hour per door. Still, there are some critical questions you should ask before installing Frameless Glass Shower Doors in your home or business. Coral Springs, FL can be seen here.

Frameless glass shower doors can be a beautiful addition to your bathroom, but there are some things you need to consider before installation. Click here to read about What You Need to Know About Frameless Glass Shower Door Installation.

Here are the questions you should ask:

  • Is the door opening wide enough for my needs? Frameless glass shower doors typically open outwards, so make sure that the door opening is large enough for your needs.
  • What type of sealant will be used? A silicone or neoprene sealant is best for waterproofing and preventing water from seeping behind the door.
  • Are there any obstructions in the way? Make sure that there are no pipes or other obstructions in the way of the door opening before installation.
  • How much weight can the hinges support? Frameless glass shower doors are often quite heavy, so make sure the hinges you select can support the weight.