A Diverse and Gorgeous Community – Hillsboro Pines, Florida


Hillsboro Pines, Florida is a small community just south of Tampa. Hillsboro Pines is a historical census-designated area in Broward County, Florida. The last population count was 446 in the 2020 census. Because the community is quite diverse with different ethnic groups and ethnic enclaves, Hillsboro Pines has an interesting history. A lot of ethnic and cultural events happen here, perhaps most notably the Hillsboro Pines Memorial Day parade which happens on the second Saturday of May each year. More about Coral Springs, FL can be seen here.


The neighborhood is known for its ethnic restaurants, especially Greek, Indian, Pakistani, Spanish, Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Lebanese. Hillsboro Pines was a former plantation, now a bustling neighborhood. There are many different types of housing to choose from, both single-family homes and apartments. Single-family homes are typically affordable and provide a wonderful home base for a family. Apartment living is also available to those who desire a more urban lifestyle. Hillsboro Pines has many popular places to live in. Many attractions can be found here like the Indian settlement known as Ohsweire near the Indian burial site. There is also Meeks Park which is not far from here. Many movies have been shot in this park and the area is known for its golfing. Hillsboro Pines is a census-designated place in Broward County, Florida, United States, where there are a total of 4 Million people that call Hillsboro Pines home. Click here to read about Will Coconut Creek, FL Real Estate Continue to Trend.

The Hillsboro Pines area is known for its public transit system. It is also conveniently close to the other Florida cities of Jacksonville and Tampa. The Hillsboro Pines International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Florida with three million people flying in and out of the area every year. With the influx of new people, it is expected that the neighborhood will continue to grow in popularity.

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