A Shower Door Company in Hialeah, Florida That Makes Frameless Doors


Shower Door Companies in Hialeah, Florida are extremely unique companies that make all of their doors with the same patented technology. The technology is revolutionary and has been called “self-rimming” technology by industry experts. The company offers swinging door styles ranging from classic to contemporary styles, as well as frameless sliding glass shower doors. The company is extremely excited to announce to the public that it created Hialeah frameless sliding glass shower doors for the new Hialeah Frameless sliding glass shower door. Find further facts here.

In the past, there have been two ways to build a door with this kind of technology. One way was to use two separate panels. The other way was to use two pieces of glass attached to each other with a frame. The Hialeah Frameless sliding glass door was made in a new way to eliminate the need for frame construction. Instead, the doors are built on a single unit with no frames or hinged panels. This method eliminates the need for U glass hinging, which is a feature that many frameless doors have. With frameless sliding glass doors, the consumer has the freedom to choose any style of sliding glass door that they want, including traditional, modern, and contemporary. Read about Shower Doors Company That Offers Affordable Service in Hialeah, Florida here.


A Hialeah Frameless sliding glass door is available in four styles, including traditional, modern, contemporary, and custom. The styles are based on color, material, size, and frame. The frameless doors can also be ordered with a custom molding option.

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