Attractions and Activities in Hillsboro Beach


As a town in Broward County, Hillsboro Beach is known as the Town of Hillsboro Beach, with a population of 1,875 at the 2010 census. As part of the Miami Metropolitan area, it has so many attractions, and it is quite easy to figure out what you can do in Hillsboro Beach. Learn information about Pompano Beach, FL here.

Segway Yacht & Mansion Tour

In the course of the guided Segway Yacht and Mansion Tour, you can view Fort Lauderdale’s glittering attractions. You can cruise past opulent celebrity-owned estates during a 5-mile city sightseeing excursion as you navigate a Segway with hugged tires for challenging terrain. You can also participate in a brief orientation by climbing aboard your transporter close to downtown Fort Lauderdale. Discover facts about Amazing Facts about Roosevelt Gardens.

SEABOB Snorkel Adventures

The underwater experience awaits you as the SEABOB is a new experience of moving through the water. You can feel like a secret agent or like a fish on a water mission. There’s a guided snorkel tour that you can experience as you get familiar with the SEABOB, where you will see hundreds of fish and a great variety of aquatic sea life within 5 local reefs. Three fun activities await you, including scuba, jet ski, and snorkeling. You will also get Harness, Mask, and Wetsuit included in the SEABOB.