Benefits of Installing Frameless Shower Doors


Why Frameless Is the Way to Go

If you are thinking about a bathroom remodel and want to improve your shower, you might want to consider investing in a frameless shower door. Although framed doors have been the norm for quite a while now, frameless glass doors have their benefits. Here are some of them. More facts can be seen here.

They Improve the Appearance

Much of the appeal of a frameless shower door in Doral is the aesthetics. They have a sleek and streamlined look about them that is particularly ideal for those looking for a contemporary kind of vibe. Frameless glass doors look especially attractive in small bathrooms because they open up enclosed spaces and create the illusion of extra room. Discover facts about Why You Need to Get Frameless Shower Doors Installed.


Do not be fooled by the lack of a visible frame; custom frameless doors are more reliable and last longer than the traditional framed doors. They prevent water from seeping out onto the bathroom floor and repel water, which inhibits the growth of mold.

Low Maintenance

Frameless shower doors in Doral do not require high maintenance. Without a frame in which dirt and debris can get caught, they don’t need the type of deep cleaning that other shower doors might.


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