Best Practices to Design Your Shower Door


If you want to update your bathroom with frameless shower doors, you have made the right choice. And to have the best design for your needs, contact The Original Frameless Shower Doors, and experts working with the company will do its best to provide you with the right design. However, there are some tips you can have in mind when you want to install your new shower door. Visit this link for more information.

Know the Angles to Use

Use 180o, 135o, 90o angles when you want to build your shower. You will have a properly functioning enclosure and a more cost-effective installation when you plan your bath with this in mind, even when designing the most shower hardware to accommodate these angles. Read about Tips to Design Your Shower Door here.

Curb of the Shower

It would be best if you could decide whether you want to have your shower enclosure flush with the floor or install it on a curb. When you construct your curb correctly, it will prevent pooling and water flooding into the bathroom floor. It tends to be beneficial when you eliminate the curb while planning a handicap accessible shower enclosure.

Curb’s Slope

For the water to flow in toward the drain, it is essential to slant the lip around the bottom and the curb of the shower inward at a 5-degree. Water will leak onto the bathroom floor with a curb angled away from the drain, and the water can stand with a level curb.

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