Coral Spring, FL Is a Historic City


Coral Springs rose as one of the most planned communities in Florida. Before it was incorporated as a city in 1963, this small business center had well-organized building structures with complete streets. Its historic development placing the town where it is today was influenced by a group of investors who established real estate business where the city currently stands. Significant landmarks pointing to the gradual yet progressive development of the town stand here for visitors to explore. Discover more about Coral Springs, FL here.

The Coral Springs Covered Bridge

This was the first building structure to stand here in Coral Springs. This giant steel bridge, which is forty feet long, is the only covered bridge in Florida. The designers of this ancient bridge made it appear old even from the time of its construction with Coral Springs Seal depictions. It’s a historical point of interest where people flock to have a look at this giant bridge. Discover facts about Contemporary Glamour of Coral Springs, FL.

The Museum of Coral Springs

The museum started as a real estate office with its location spread outside the city’s limits before it was moved to the city’s center. The museum has since remained a museum with critical historical items and artifacts of the city’s models from the ancient times up to now.