Dimensions for Bypass or Sliding Door


The width of alcove bathtubs or shower is typically 60 inches with 58 inches for their bypass or sliding doors. You may not need to have additional space to accommodate the tub/shower when you’re framing the alcove. Ensure that you have exactly 60 inches. It may be between two wall coverings or direct-to-stud with this dimension. A pre-fabricated unit that has coordinated surround walls screwed directly to uncovered wall studs is what direct-to-stud installation means. You won’t have cement board or water-resistant wallboard installed on top of the studs while the three walls enclosing the alcove are framed. As such, the bathtub/shower is slightly less than 60 inches with this type of installation. Learn information about St, Hialeah, FL.

Getting the Best with Your Sliding Doors

Though the gap varies from manufacturer to another, you’re sure of getting the best with your shower installation when you contact The Original Frameless Shower Doors for your installation. And when it comes to other alcove installations that have wall coverings, you will see cement or drywall board on the studs. The range of sliding shower doors is from 45 inches to 547 inches. For the wider sliding shower doors, they can have between 57 inches to 59 inches wide. However, expect to have 79 inches high for most of the shower doors. Discover facts about Shower Doors Opening Dimensions.

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