Shower Doors Opening Dimensions


The last thing you will think of installing is the shower door when you’re building a new shower for your bathroom. Your shower door will move as you expect if everything has been ideally made before this stage. You may want to consult experts at The Original Frameless Shower Doors to get the shower’s best. However, you may difficulty reversing your previous work if you get your measurement wrong. You will see that the installation will go cleanly and smoothly when you learn about typical shower door sizes and rough in door openings. Learn more here.

How to Measure Your Shower Door

Run a laser measuring device or a tape from one side to the other to measure the width, whether you measure a bathtub/shower combination or a shower. Two places require for measurement are the bottom and the top. It would help if you took these measurements since alcove enclosures and walls may have been built slightly out of square in the first place or distort. As such, it is essential to take a proper measurement of those places. Ensure to round up close to 1/8th of an inch as you go with the largest of the two measurements. If you want frameless shower doors with customized hinges or handles, contact the customer support of The Original Frameless Shower Doors to discuss your desired designs. Learn more about Steps to Select Your Shower Doors.

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