Steps to Select Your Shower Doors


When you have corner walk-in shower stalls, one of the best options to save space is to use round shower doors. They attached to the top and bottom of the frame for smooth operation and stability, and they have a curved glass design that reduces the shower’s footprint in the bathroom. You also have room for flexibility as you can choose to have a hinged opening or bypass operation and open by the slider. They are also reversible for left and right access and perfect for corner standalone showers. Visit this link for St, Hialeah, FL facts.

Measuring and Dimensions

It is vital to ensure a proper fit for your shower through accurate measuring. It is quite easy to adjust most new shower doors to accommodate walls and fit a range of openings that are not perfectly square. You must also ensure that both the height and width of your shower’s opening match the door you select. 

You must note not to take any measurements until the walls are finished, and the shower is complete if the enclosure area is new. Tile and backer board, the material on the wall, can reduce the wall-to-wall width by as much as 1-inch on each side. You can pair a door with a stationary inline panel for larger openings, and for single panel doors, they are not more extensive than 36-inches. See here for information about How to Choose Your Shower Doors.

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