Maintenance of Frameless Shower Doors


Frameless shower doors are meant to give your bathroom an overall positive look. However, with poor maintenance, your shower door may fail to give you your desired feeling. It is therefore advised to clean and maintain your glass shower doors to keep their glossy look. Here are tips to help you. Learn more here.

Clean your Shower after Use

As soon as you are done showering, clean your shower. Use the water in your shower to your advantage. This also saves you time. See here for information about How to Select the Best Frameless Shower door installation company.

Use a Shower Cleaning Solution

Shower cleaning solutions keep your glass doors sparkling. The easiest to use is baking soda, white vinegar, and salt. White vinegar is sprayed on the glass doors first before adding baking powder and salt. Later on, the mixture is wiped and rinsed using clean water.

Have a Microfiber cloth on standby

Microfiber is used to wipe the glass of your shower after use. As such, water spots and soap scum won’t build up on the glasses.

Use a Talc-free Soap.

Avoid using a soap that produces a lot of scum. Bar soap is a good culprit. Soap scum forms on the glasses of your shower and may need regular wiping. A talc-free soap is, therefore, the best solution to reduce soap scum.

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