Make the Best of Your Shower Door Design


It is critical to consider the minimum width of glass panels when considering the design of your frameless shower door. The professionals working with The Original Frameless Shower Doors will ensure each glass panel must be about 4 ½-inches wide when designing your shower enclosure for you, as the minimum width to support the hardware and tempering glass. Also, the door won’t be more than 36-inches wide with a minimum of 22-inches. More can be found here.

Position of the Shower Head

Place the showerheads toward fixed panels or tiled walls to minimize leakage. Position the showerheads opposite a door or other opening. For showerheads that point straight down at the floor or are smaller, there will be some exceptions. Learn more about How to Design Your Shower Door.


You need to ensure that eaves or soffits along the top of the enclosure’s shower are lined up correctly. Also, to avoid an uneven look, the angles in the curb below must be in order.

Glass Tiles

Since breakage may occur and even after installation, you may want to avoid mounting door glass or hinges clips onto glass tiles. Therefore, there will be delays with the project’s completion, and you may be facing additional charges from the tile installers for repairs.

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