Thickness and Height of Frameless Shower Doors


Based on the enclosure, a glass shower door’s height is as high as 2200mm with a minimum of 1850mm. A frameless glass door of about 2100mm to 2400mm is those of full height enclosures. If you are like some people, they prefer to have 12mm in thickness for their steam rooms. And since the surrounding structure is significant, the glass shower door weight is less of a concern. Clicking here will deliver more on St, Hialeah, FL.

Average Thickness, Height, and Size of a Single Glass Shower Door

With 8mm, a single glass shower door can be up to 2100mm in height and between 500mm and 800mm width. Three hinges may be required with more than 750mm. For any 10mm glass frameless shower doors, they can be around 2000mm up to 240mm in height and between 700mm and 850mm in width. Also, three hinges will be required for the larger widths and heights.

Though there is a similarity between the 10mm and 12mm glass doors, they are mostly a minimum of 700mm up to 2400mm when used as part of a full-height enclosure. If you want to discuss your needs with one of the experts at The Original Frameless Shower Doors, contact the company’s friendly customer support for more information on bespoke frameless shower glass doors. Information about Minimum Size of a Glass Shower Door can be found here. 

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