Custom Shower Enclosures in Delray Beach, FL: Made-to-Measure Solutions for Your Home


Custom showers are becoming increasingly popular in the custom home building industry. These custom shower enclosures offer homeowners a made-to-measure solution for their bathroom and allow them to enjoy the benefits of a custom design without breaking the bank. So if you’re looking for custom shower enclosures that will give your home that one-of-a-kind looks, then this blog post is for you! Learn more here.

Custom shower enclosures are custom made to fit your custom bathroom. As a result, you mustn’t settle for anything less than the perfect custom enclosure. After all, this part of your home will make up one-fourth of its total surface area! To give you an idea about just how big custom shower enclosures can be – many start at 80″ x 60″ and go as high as 100″ x 70″. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing these structures; they’re not just limited to showers either. You could choose glass doors with metal rails or wooden ones if desired. Your options include frosted glass (transparent), tempered safety glass, clear acrylic panels & more. And let’s not forget custom enclosures’ most important feature – the showerhead. As far as these go, you can choose from various sprays, including full body spray, rainfall & massage sprays, and even custom colors! Learn more about Custom Shower Enclosures in Delray Beach, FL: Custom to Perfection.