Differences Between Framed and Frameless Shower Doors Miami, FL


From their names, the first difference that comes in mind is that one has a frame surrounding it while the other does not. There are many more factors that differentiate these two types of shower doors. Clicking here will deliver more on Miami, FL.


Homeowners find the frameless shower doors installed in Miami to be a more stylish option. Framed shower doors may seem outdated in a bathroom with a modern finish. Information about Get A New Shower Door in Miami, FL can be found here. 


Cheap is expensive. Even though framed shower doors are more cost-effective than the frameless shower doors, the latter is still the best option. Installing a frameless shower door will be worth the spending once you get the result.

Mold growth risks

Mold growth on shower doors is usually caused by water that collects certain areas of the door. A framed shower door has seals where water may accumulate, leading to the development of mold. However, this is not the case with frameless shower doors installed in Miami because it lacks seals. 

Care and Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning, the frameless shower doors’ lack of frame gives them an upper hand. Framed shower doors carry so much soap scum and water droplets—all of which eventually lead to corrosion.

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