Sliding Shower Doors in Coral Springs, Florida – Installing The Right Door For Your Bathroom


We are the only true installers of frameless sliding shower doors in Coral Springs, Florida. That means that we have spent the extra time, money, and energy to develop an extensive variety of styles to best meet the unique bathroom needs of each customer. Our expertly skilled labor force has installed hundreds of these doors and has come back every day to add new styles and upgrades to our already exiting line of shower enclosures. This will always be our first priority. In fact, we install our doors in half-hour increments during normal business hours, so you can get that beautiful new look into your bathroom in no time at all. Learn more here.

Installing new sliding shower doors in a home is not only a matter of finding the right door, but it’s also about finding the right door for the perfect enclosure. We have many different types of enclosures available, such as wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, and many more. The most common type of enclosure that customers purchase, however, is one made out of glass-ceramic blends. These special blends of glass and polymer give you the luxury and durability of wood without the maintenance and price tag of wood. Learn more about Sliding Shower Doors A Growing Trend in Coral Springs, Florida.


Installing these doors is not only a matter of finding the right door, but it’s also about finding the right spring system. Our glass-ceramic springs are hand-blown to exact specifications, so each panel is completely smooth with no ridges or divots. Our sliding shower doors come with an extra set of panels that are installed just above and behind the first panel, which helps the door lock firmly in place and stays in place even after multiple bathroom trips through the shower. This assures you that no matter what happens to the door, it will keep sliding smoothly. Our company also offers a lifetime warranty on each panel that comes with our sliding shower doors, so you don’t have to worry about buying another set to replace the broken ones.