Dimensions for Frameless Shower Door


Since frameless shower enclosures eliminate the visual impact of shower frames and offer a maximum amount of light in the shower, they have become quite popular. The fact that they allow for flexibility in sizing is another benefit of frameless showers. Since small sizes of glasses can be joined or glass can be custom-ordered to size, you can have a large or small frameless shower. However, there are specific prescribed dimensions of most of the residential frameless shower installations. Information can be found here.

Dimensions of Common Return Side Panel

  • 31-inch to 32-inch
  • 29-inch to 30-inch
  • 34-inch to 35-inch

Dimensions of Common Sliding Shower Door

  • 44 5/8-inch to 47 5/8-inch
  • 56 5/8-inch to 59 5/8-inch

Dimensions of Common Pivot Shower Door

  • 43 1/8-inch to 48-inch
  • 27 5/16-inch to 31 1/8-inch
  • 39 1/8-inch to 44-inch

You will have one or even two glass side pieces known as sidelights when The Original Frameless Shower Doors install your frameless shower doors. The door will pivot open and close with the hinge-side section’s help while also maintaining a waterproof seal against the shower wall. There is a need to specify the exact dimensions of the stone or tile and cement backer board when you are tiling a frameless shower enclosure. And since jambs, strikes, brackets, hinges, and other shower hardware will be included in the door opening technical information, you can take them out of the equation. See here for information about Dimensions for Bypass or Sliding Door.

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