Heights and Widths of Shower Doors


The step-over where the door will be located, threshold, and top of the curb determine enclosure’s total height. When you are looking to make your shower enclosure to any height or fraction of an inch in your imagination, consult experts at The Original Frameless Shower Doors to get the lowest discount prices and highest quality shower enclosures.

When you get standard heights to work for your project, they can save you significant money. Thus, how it looks to you is the most critical benchmark for shower enclosure height. Go for the taller between the two standard heights if you are deciding. You will be happier you did. The Original Frameless Shower Doors will also offer you the price differences between the standard heights and additional non-standard heights. Information concerning St, Hialeah, FL can be discovered here. 

Glass Stock As the Standard

There can be a significant cost reduction to make up several at a time if your glass is “in stock,” like tempered holes, polished, or sized. As the retailer, you will be the one that will bear the brunt of the additional cost. Those that are never in stock are Splash Shields and Panels. You will need to custom-size them. It is the heights and widths of the door that determine the standard or “in stock.” Information about Shower Door Sizes can be found here. 

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