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Black Framed Shower Enclosure Dallas

Black Framed Shower Enclosure

Black Framed Shower Enclosure Dallas

When it comes to adding a bold and stylish look to the bathroom, a black framed shower enclosure is an excellent choice. It works with most colour palettes and makes the space feel bright and open.

Framed shower screens are available in many different styles, from contemporary to traditional. They can also be made with a range of glass and hardware options, which gives the enclosure an added level of personalisation.

Aluminium Framed Shower Screens

Framed shower screens offer a sleek and contemporary look with a practical design. They are often available in tempered glass and come with a variety of personalisation options.

Aluminium framed shower screens are an inexpensive option that can be installed quickly and easily. They are also easy to clean.

They are also available in a range of colours and finishes to suit your bathroom style. They are a popular choice for many homeowners and can add a modern feel to any bathroom design.

Black framed shower enclosures are a unique and eye-catching choice that is sure to bring a fresh look to any bathroom. They come in a wide range of sizes and are a perfect addition to any modern, industrial or minimalist bathroom design.

Clear Glass

Clear Glass is a great choice for framed showers because it allows light to enter the bathroom and helps with the overall look of the space. It also provides a classic, simple appearance that works well with many decor styles.

Framed showers have metal frames that support the glass, and are less expensive than frameless shower doors options. However, they can be difficult to maintain and can collect water over time, leading to mildew buildup.

Low-Iron Glass is a great option for clear shower doors because it eliminates the green tinting seen in some clear glass options, while still maintaining high clarity. This is especially important if your shower has a colorful tile background that you want to see through the door and enclosure.

Clear glass is also a good choice for low-e windows, because it is durable and allows for more natural light to enter the home. It is also tempered and laminated, which makes it more resistant to breakage and helps protect the interior of the building.

Black Framed Shower Enclosure Dallas
Black Framed Shower Enclosure Dallas

Tinted or Frosted Glass

Tinted or frosted glass is an excellent way to add style and privacy to your shower enclosure. This type of glass is available in a variety of colors, designs, and tones.

Frosted glass is manufactured by acid etching or sandblasting one side of the glass panel to create a smooth, artful texture. It imparts a soft appearance to the glass and allows filtered light to penetrate the surface.

Rain glass is another popular style that presents a texture on one side of the glass, leaving the other side smooth. Its pattern of crystal rain provides a decorative appearance while also offering more privacy than clear glass.

Tinted glass is a great option for bathrooms because it hides fingerprints and watermarks. It can be made in different tints, including dark tones that promote privacy and allow less light to pass through.


Bi-Fold Shower Enclosures are ideal for smaller bathroom suites. They eschew any sort of outward pivoting mechanism, ensuring that the enclosure remains compact without taking up any space around it.

The Embrace bi-fold shower door is the perfect example of a stylish yet practical bathroom design. It features two hard-wearing panels that fold into one another and can be accessed using durable hinges.

A bi-fold shower enclosure is available in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit every bathroom. Whether you are fitting a small en-suite, a family bathroom or even an alcove shower, this type of shower enclosure is sure to be the perfect fit.

For a bespoke look, consider a premium bi-fold shower enclosure from leading brands such as Aquadart and Matki Showering. These designs offer a stunning combination of sleek functionality and eye-catching style, meaning they are guaranteed to become a staple in any modern bathroom.

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