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Overlanding Shower Enclosure Dallas

Overlanding Shower Enclosure Dallas

Overlanding Shower Enclosure

Overlanding Shower Enclosure Dallas

Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to shower or want to add a bit of privacy while camping, an overlanding shower enclosure can be the perfect solution.

To find the right enclosure, it’s important to consider your space, lifestyle needs, aesthetic preferences and budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available to choose from!

Nemo Helio

If you are looking for a portable shower that is incredibly lightweight, compact and remarkably easy to set up, Nemo Helio is our top pick. This 2.9 gallon pressurized water tank and 7 foot neoprene spray hose combines with a convenient ventilated carrying case for quick setup, minimal pack size and easy storage.

Unlike gravity camp showers that require hanging overhead, the Helio sits securely on the ground and pressurizes with a foot pump to create a steady stream of water for 5-7 minutes. Periodically pump the foot pump to maintain pressure and use it for rinsing hair, washing dishes, spraying gear or washing your dog.

Yakima RoadShower

When you’re overlanding, a shower is a must. It will keep you from tracking the grit and grime back home with your gear.

The Yakima RoadShower is a convenient accessory for your roof rack or trailer that provides you with pressurized water anywhere you go. During your trip, the sun heats up the water in the tank and you can use it to hose off the bike, wash campsite dishes or take a hot shower.

It attaches quickly and easily with stainless steel universal mounting hardware that fits all Yakima crossbars and most other roof racks. Whether you want to use it on a short weekend getaway or take it on a multi-day trip into the backcountry, this is an excellent addition to any adventure rig.

Its welded aluminum construction and durable powder coat finish prevent rusting. The tank can be filled and pressurized by a hand or electric pump, and it comes with a garden hose adapter that harnesses the pressure from your home water spout. It also features a stick-on thermometer strip for easy temperature reading.

23Zero Peregrine

If you are looking for a massive roof rack awning that offers plenty of coverage and is easy to deploy with or without legs, the Peregrine 180R from 23Zero is a great choice. It is lighter weight than the ARB awning, spans 180 degrees, stays up with or without the legs, and is easier to pack up and store when not in use.

Peregrine series awnings are made from a tough 280gsm ripstop polycotton canvas that is treated with Light Suppression Technology, which reduces the temperature underneath the awning by 20% and keeps you cooler during hot summer days. All awnings are also designed for easy one-person set up and collapse, allowing you to enjoy camp or get back on the road faster.

Nomadic Car Side

The Nomadic Car Side by Overland Vehicle Systems is a roof-mounted, fold-out shower room that adds the luxury of privacy to your camping experience. The foxy little thing is lightweight and easy to set up and pack away.

The OVS car side is a worthy competitor in the crowded shower enclosure space. The company has put a bit of thought into the design with a hefty nod to functionality in their design choices and a well deserved high five for quality construction and finish. The company’s top of the line model boasts a weighted and hinged lid that is easy on the eyes, as well as a redesigned and repositioned door to improve airflow and minimize damage to your gear while the sun is still out. The company has also done a good job of promoting their model with an extensive marketing campaign to the tune of several million dollars. The result is a happy camper.

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