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Shower Systems Dallas

shower systems

Shower Systems Dallas

Shower systems include a variety of components to complete the shower experience. They can be a full custom system with many multiple shower heads and body sprays or they can be a more standard retrofitted system for use with an existing shower head and valve.

The best systems are built with materials that can withstand daily use. Stainless steel and brass are two popular choices.


A thermostatic shower is a great choice for those who want to have a more luxurious experience. These are usually a more expensive option than pressure-balance shower valves, but they offer the added convenience of being able to set the temperature once and for all so you can use it without having to worry about changing it every time you shower.

They also offer a lot more safety features as they react immediately to changes in water temperature and automatically adjust the mixed water to get it back to the pre-set temperature. They also instantly shut down if the cold-water supply fails in order to avoid thermal shock and scalding.

You can install the thermostatic valve directly above a bath or inside a shower cubicle or enclosure. If you’re fitting the valve above a bath, you need to tap it into your tap water supply and run the pipework toward the shower.


A diverter is one of the many plumbing parts that makes your shower system work. It directs water from your tub faucet up to the showerhead, and vice versa.

Depending on the type, the diverter valve can be located on a tub’s faucet spout or between the handles of a two-tap faucet. In either case, the handle is used to activate the valve and change the flow of water.

In addition, the diverter may also be found on a separate shower head that sits above the bathtub faucet. The user pushes or pulls the diverter up to send water to the shower head and down to restore flow to the tub spout.

When shopping for a diverter, it is important to choose the right one. Typically, it is best to opt for a 2 way diverter if you want the option of controlling the flow of water between different outlets.

Shower Systems Dallas
Shower Systems Dallas

Pressure Balance

Pressure balance shower systems work by maintaining a constant temperature of water, even when the pressure in the system changes. This helps prevent scalding and reduces energy usage.

They do this by using a single-handle mixing valve with a balancing spool, pressure-sensitive piston or diaphragm that reacts to a drop in the pressure of one incoming water supply (either hot or cold) and adjusts the outflow of the other to match.

In addition to this, they also compensate for water pressure fluctuations caused by people flushing a toilet or turning on the washing machine.

This is an especially important feature in older homes where plumbing may not be as robust. A sudden spike in water pressure can ruin a good shower, or at least make it unpleasant and unsafe.

Shower Panel

Shower panels are an attractive shower system option that can improve your bathroom’s overall look and functionality. They include multiple water outputs and temperature control options, making them more versatile than traditional shower fixtures.

Shower panel systems often come with a main overhead shower head, handheld showerhead, and body sprays built into the surface of the shower panel or extending from the top or sides. They also typically have a tub spout with a diverter mechanism for combination tub/shower units, as well as a temperature control faucet to provide hot or cold water.

Shower panels are a great option for homeowners looking to give their bathroom a luxurious spa-style feel without the cost and complexity of a complete remodel. They’re also space-saving, taking up less room than traditional shower fixtures.

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