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Steam Shower Enclosure

Steam Shower Enclosure

Steam showers are a great way to enjoy the spa experience in the comfort of your home. The heat and moisture of a steam bath can improve circulation, relieve stress and boost skin health.

Getting a steam shower in your bathroom requires a special shower enclosure. This should be fully sealed, so no hot air escapes into the rest of your bathroom.


Besides the obvious spa-like benefits, there are many health benefits that come with using a steam shower enclosure. It can clear nasal passages and unclog congested sinuses, boost circulation, refresh skin, and aid muscle relaxation and recovery.

Steam can also help your body sweat out impurities, like excess sodium or toxins. It can also be beneficial for respiratory issues such as asthma and bronchitis.

Mental well-being is a huge priority for many people these days, and steam showers can be an effective way to relax and relieve stress. This is because they can help to REDUCE anxiety and encourage a feeling of calmness, which improves mental clarity and promotes better sleep.

Homeowners are becoming more interested in installing these units as they offer a number of health and wellness benefits without the expense of traveling to a spa. They also add value to homes, which can be helpful when it comes time to sell.


If you have the budget and the skills to do it yourself, then installing a steam shower enclosure is a doable project. However, it does require assistance from a few professionals, including an electrician and a plumber.

You should also choose a material that can handle the heat of steam. Porous materials, like concrete glass blocks and marble, can absorb heat, so they should not be used in a steam shower.

A steam shower can be installed with a variety of different materials and finishes. For example, some units can be equipped with digital readouts and programmable presets for options like lights, aromatherapy, and music.

You should also have a steam control panel that lets you monitor the temperature of the water and steam. This will make it easier for you to regulate the experience and prevent it from getting too hot or too cold.


Steam showers are a luxurious addition to any bathroom, offering a variety of benefits. They help open pores to clear up the skin, remove toxins, and reduce stress.

They also improve blood circulation and promote healthy sleep. They can be installed as an add-on to your current shower or used as a standalone unit.

These units usually include a generator that can be tucked inside a closet or other space and control to activate the steam. Water and electricity lines must be connected to the system.

The shower enclosure must be fully sealed to maintain a constant temperature and humidity. Several materials are available for the surround, including porcelain tile and natural stone.

The best tiles for a steam shower are non-porous, such as ceramic or marble tiles. This type of material does not absorb or dissipate heat like natural stone tiles, which means it requires less electricity and a smaller steam generator.


A steam shower is a luxurious, relaxing addition to any bathroom. It provides continuous streams of spa-like steam and can be added as an additional component to a standard shower or installed as a standalone unit.

If you’re interested in adding a steam shower enclosure to your home, expect to pay about $1,500 to $6,200 for materials and installation costs. You’ll also need a generator, which is necessary to generate the steam and needs special electrical and plumbing connections.

The cost of the material will vary depending on whether you opt for a prefabricated or custom steam shower. For example, a porcelain slab costs about $14 to $16 per square foot, while ceramic tile is much cheaper at about $5 to $10 per square foot.

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