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4 Surprising Benefits of a Frameless Shower Door

Shower Door

Think of a shower as the heart of a bathroom. Not only is it where you’ll spend a good portion of your time, but showers also take up the most space. That’s why designing a unique and functional shower area is key for any homeowner.

From shape and size to tiles and fixtures, creating your own state-of-the-art shower will require some major decision making. Don’t know where to start? First, consider a custom frameless shower door. Here’s why.

1. The design possibilities are endless.

Frameless shower doors offer far more options when it comes to style and size –– especially compared to framed enclosures, which can appear dated and constrained.

In addition, frameless shower doors allow homeowners to place greater emphasis on other fixtures and areas in a bathroom. Here at The Original Frameless Shower Doors®, we like to call that the Frameless® Difference, which means no bulky frames or unsightly u-channel are used in designs.

2. The doors are significantly more functional.

Possibly one of the best benefits—frameless shower doors can be opened in and out. Unlike their framed counterparts, which are limited to an outward opening, frameless doors are decidedly more functional for daily use.

3. Cleaning is made easy.

It’s time to say no to soap scum and hard mineral deposits. Framed shower doors allow bacteria and mold to form in hard to clean (and reach) areas. Not only are frameless shower doors more aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also much easier to maintain. That’s why we love Frameless Shower Doors®  StayClean® glass, which features an ultra-thin protective layer of optically clear material, making the surface significantly easier to clean and resistant of weathering. StayClean® technology will ensure that your shower doors are water and oil repellant.

4. Your bathroom will feel lighter, brighter, and more spacious.

Frameless shower doors are more modern than other enclosures. Plus, they reflect natural light, illuminating a bathroom and giving the appearance of larger, more expansive space.

For example, pairing a chic marble tile combination with a frameless shower door will keep your bathroom looking spacious, clean, and updated––versus cluttered and overwhelmed when paired with a framed door.

Did you know The Original Frameless Shower Doors® offers you the ability to create and design your custom shower door online? Through our easy to use door builder, you can choose the style or layout of your choice and accessorize the shower door or enclosure that best suits your style and needs.

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